Discover Your Soul Purpose Niche

Discover Your SoulPurpose Niche

follow an easy step-by-step process to discover your SoulPurpose Niche, Message & Avatar so that you can serve Your Ideal Clients with Confidence!!

Course Summary

The Discover Your SoulPurpose Niche program is an easy step-by-step process of starting with your Life Purpose and then continue to refine and going into more depth and detail to discover your SoulPurpose Niche, Message Statement and your Avatar, in alignment with your Values.

Doing this powerful program, you walk away being clear of what your SoulPurpose Niche is going forward, starting or growing your Coaching Business, sharing your gifts to benefit your Soul Clients and beyond. To help you do that, you get examples every step of the way, including 8 Avatar Examples.

This is for you if:
#  You have a deep desire to make a difference in the world but you are not sure what that could be
#  You are not clear about how to define your niche and niche message
#  You have various interests and are confused about what to choose as your niche
#  You are not getting the results you want in your business and they may be due to your niche not being specific enough
#  You have an idea about your niche but you struggle to define your avatar
#  You want to make sure that your soulpurpose niche is aligned with your values.

Benefits and Outcomes

Knowing your Soul Purpose Niche gives you the confidence to connect, approach and engage with your ideal clients authentically, so they feel heard, like you, trust you and buy from you.

Life Purpose

Start with the big picture of your Life on Purpose and explore the different combinations of your talents, skills, passions and the problems you can solve for different groups of people.

Soul Purpose Niche

Take it a step further and discover your unique specialty, the group of people you most love to serve, how you help them and the tangible result they get from working with you. 


Define one person that represents the group of people you love to work with and describe all facets of that person, enabling you to create laser focused communication specifically for them.
As an added bonus, you get 8 Avatar Examples to help you define yours.

Course Curriculum


Life Purpose - SoulPurpose Niche - Avatar

This is an easy step-by-step process of starting with your Life Purpose and then refining that to determine your
SoulPurpose Niche and Avatar and lastly Aligning your SoulPurpose Niche with your Values (Bonus Module).

Module 1 - Define Your Life Purpose

Using various fun and easy exercises,  you will define your Life Purpose as the intersection between your talents, skills and passions as a service to others.  
Module 3 - Define Your Avatar

Now that you know the group of people you wish to work with, you drill down even more to define one person that represents this group of people in as much detail as possible.
Module 2 - Discover Your SoulPurpose Niche

Now you take it a step further drilling down to determine your SoulPurpose Niche & Message that expresses your essence of you wish to bring to the world.
Module 4 - Align Your Values with Your SoulPurpose

Here you discover the alignment between living your Life Values and the value of what Living your SoulPurpose will give you, ensuring harmony with the Universe.

Dina Marais

Debera Jensen


Wow!!! That is some of the best teaching I have ever heard, Dina!! I have taken the highest level of training from some people, even one you mentioned. And still did not get all of what I just heard. I am definitely 'nailing my niche'!

Sara Best


Dina, I really want to thank you for all your help and guidance. In terms of your help I now have a change to be part of a kabbalistic mindset program that is a million times more up my alley than a regular mindset course due to my strong background in kabbalistic study. 

Course Pricing

  • Discover Your SoulPurpose Niche
  • $37 USD

    follow an easy step-by-step process to discover your SoulPurpose Niche, Message & Avatar so that you can serve Your Soul Clients!

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  • Clarity about this crucial component for your Business Success!
  • 4 Video Trainings, Audio Versions and Transcripts
  • Workbook for the program
  • Examples at every step, including 8 Avatar examples.
  • Bonus Module to align your Life Values with your SoulPurpose Niche